Looking for volunteers to test the "Yes/no debate" strategy

First posted on reddit.com/r/erisology, with crossposts to r/TheMotte and r/SlateStarCodex.

A “Yes/no debate” is based solely on yes/no questions. It can help to find Double Cruxes and Decision boundaries, if not resolve a disagreement between two people.

We already played it in person at several meetups (I have posted about this here) and now I want to test how it works online.

Its rules follow the popular “20 Questions” guessing game, check the attached image and this Twitter thread for examples.

So do you hold a (strong) opinion on a political, social or scientific issue? Do you find your arguments and objections often not addressed when debating about it? Are you even familiar with Double Crux? Then please join!

We plan to match you and your opponent on topics like:

  • To tackle climate change, nuclear energy is necessary.
  • A form of Universal Basic Income should be implemented.
  • Changing your legal gender should be possible simply by informing the authorities.

For the debate, we expect you to react at least 2x per day on your opponents question, for one week.

Still interested? Then please fill out this form.

Still having questions or suggestions? I am listening in the comments. :)